12 Best Antique Stores in Norman OK & OKC

The allure of antiques captivates shoppers of all ages — from the elated hipster securing a retro gem to the dedicated collector uncovering the ideal addition to their trove. The antique stores in Norman OK are rich with possibilities for every visitor.

We understand that your quest extends beyond mere store names. You’re in search of details that will elevate your antiquing excursion. Rest assured that we have precisely what you need!

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10 of the Best Antique Shops in OKC and Norman - Montford Inn and Cottages - www.montfordinn.com

Vintage & Antique Stores in Norman OK

In Norman, OK, antique stores serve as vibrant portals to bygone eras, enticing a diverse crowd with their eclectic arrays of timeless wares. These havens of history invite both the avid antiquer and the curious newcomer to sift through relics, each piece promising its own story and a touch of nostalgia.

Bruce’s Vintage Guitars & Antiques*

306 E Main St, Norman

Well regarded in Norman OK for its antiques, Bruce’s Vintage Guitars & Antiques specializes in vintage guitars and a range of antique items. It offers a unique selection that appeals to both musicians and antique enthusiasts.

Customers have appreciated the store for its eclectic mix of items and the charming atmosphere that makes shopping here a delightful experience. It’s a place where visitors can find everything from little trinkets to significant pieces of furniture.

Col. Dick’s Flea Market

615 E Robinson S, Norman

A popular destination for a diverse shopping experience, the Col. Dick’s Flea Market at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds features a wide range of items — from antiques and collectibles to books, jewelry, and more. It’s a place where bargain hunters and antique enthusiasts can spend hours browsing through various vendors’ offerings, searching for unique finds and hidden gems.

NOTE: The market typically operates one Friday and Saturday a month, and the schedule can be found on its Facebook page.

Robinson’s Repurposed*

300 E Main, Norman

Specializing in stylish furniture, local art, and collectible ceramics, Robinson’s Repurposed is an eclectic marketplace. It curates a selection of items that are both fresh and timeless, providing unique finds each week.

The shop is known for transforming previously owned pieces into repurposed treasures, offering a sustainable shopping option for those looking to add character and history to their spaces. As such, it’s a go-to spot for those who appreciate the charm of upcycled goods and the stories they carry.


412 E Main St, Norman

Stash is a unique boutique that offers a mix of products — including candles, jewelry, made-in-Oklahoma goods, vintage items, fair trade pieces, and more. It’s a store that appeals to a variety of tastes, providing an eclectic shopping experience for those who are drawn to both contemporary and retro styles.

The shop is known for its commitment to ethically and well-made items, making it a popular destination for thoughtful gifts and personal indulgences. Its inviting atmosphere and diverse inventory make it a standout among the antique stores in Norman OK.


Although it no longer has a permanent address, Artifactory continues to live on through pop-up antique stores in Norman OK, as well as an online store and remote workshops. The pop-ups still offer a unique blend of artistic expression and vintage charm.

Visitors can find a variety of items that range from handmade creations to carefully curated antiques, making it a special destination for those looking to embrace the past and find inspiration in the enduring beauty of art and artifacts.

NOTE: Norman boasts an impressive array of antique shops, and those marked with an asterisk (*) are conveniently located within a short stroll of each other and Montford Inn. We are always ready to suggest the optimal path for your antique-hunting journey and share our favorite antique treasures from the region.

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OKC Antique & Vintage Shops

Antique stores in Oklahoma City are a treasure hunter’s delight, offering a wide variety of rare finds and nostalgic pieces. From quaint boutiques to expansive warehouses, these shops provide a journey through time for collectors and casual browsers, each boasting a unique selection of vintage goods and historical memorabilia.

The Social Club

913 W Main St, Oklahoma City

With a multifaceted space, The Social Club combines a boutique shopping experience with a salon service. It is known for its distinctive blend of home goods, candles, jewelry, and vintage finds, while the salon aspect offers a beautiful setting for a range of beauty services.

This local business provides a unique, community-oriented atmosphere where customers can shop for carefully curated items and enjoy personal care in a stylish and welcoming environment.

The Warehouse – Antique Mall

1200 SE 89th St, Oklahoma City

The Warehouse – Antique Mall is a destination for antique lovers and collectors. This expansive space houses a vast collection of antiques, vintage items, and collectibles. Shoppers can browse through a range of goods — from furniture to home decor to lighting and more.

Known for its size and variety, The Warehouse offers a unique shopping experience where you can spend hours discovering hidden gems and rare finds. Its convenient location and extensive selection make it a must-visit for anyone interested in antiques and vintage shopping in OKC.

The Antique Mall at the OKC Farmers Public Market

311 S Klein Ave, Oklahoma City

At the OKC Farmers Public Market, The Antique Mall is a prominent feature known for its extensive collection of antiques and vintage items, boasting a wide selection that appeals to a variety of tastes and interests. Shoppers can find everything from furniture and home decor to collectibles and memorabilia.

With a diverse array of local vendors, The Antique Mall provides a delightful shopping experience, where visitors can spend time exploring the past through an assortment of unique and nostalgic items.

Antique Avenue Market

5219 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City

A large store brimming with antiques, collectibles, and one-of-a-kind vintage finds, Antique Avenue Market is recognized as a destination for enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike. It has an extensive selection that covers a range of interests. With a welcoming atmosphere and ever-changing inventory, this market is a place where you can search for hidden treasures — from furniture and glassware to Oklahoma memorabilia and beyond.

Antique Co-op OKC

1227 N May Ave, Oklahoma City

Antique Co-op OKC is one of the city’s largest antique malls, featuring a diverse array of items from multiple dealers. With 18,000 square feet of space, it offers a wide variety of antiques and collectibles for all types of shoppers.

Whether you’re searching for vintage furniture, jewelry, art, or unique home decor, the Antique Co-op has something to cater to every taste. Known for its friendly atmosphere and the quality of its goods, it’s a favorite among serious collectors and those just looking to browse through history.

Dead People’s Stuff “Architectural Antiques + Design”

1900 Linwood Blvd, Oklahoma City

With an attention-grabbing name, Dead People’s Stuff “Architectural Antiques + Design” is a unique store that specializes in a variety of architectural salvage and antique items. It has an array of historical pieces — including stained glass, windows, doors, moldings, chandeliers, Art Deco light fixtures, and classic antique hardware. Dead People’s Stuff provides a wealth of distinctive accents that can add character and authenticity to any space.

Decades Revisited

3639 NW 39th St Oklahoma City

A vibrant vintage mall, Decades Revisited offers an eclectic assortment of repurposed and vintage antiques. This destination is known for its wide selection of unique items, ranging from mid-century modern furniture to retro decor and collectibles. Customers can enjoy a nostalgic shopping experience as they sift through the carefully curated collections that span various decades.

Yesteryear Room

Top-Notch Accommodations Near Norman OK & OKC Antique Stores

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