Hotel Reviews

We receive many reviews and comments from our guests here at the Montford Inn. Here are just a few of those reviews.


The comments below are from guests that have left a note in our guest comment book or sent to us directly.

 “I am a guest at the University of Oklahoma for a few days and my host department had the wisdom and consideration to house me at the Montford. The Inn is beautiful and important modern amenities have been gracefully added. Yet the charm and comfort of my stay is as much the result of the wonderful staff. P.S. The breakfasts are what they serve in heaven!” P.O. – Madison, Colorado

“A peaceful, safe feeling envelopes me as though I were back in my childhood home knowing I was surrounded by love. I feel safe, I feel at home. I know I will sleep well tonight.” G.N. – San Antonio

“I’ve traveled far and wide, and never have I come upon such a welcoming place. All the little details are just too beautiful.” T.N. – New York City

“This Inn is a jewel. I travel a lot, stay in hotels and motels all over the country. I have never stayed in a more inviting or comfortable room.” P.K. – Denver

“Going from university to university for my company means many nights in hotels – what dreary, boring and uncaring places I’ve been until now!” L.P. – Phoenix

“I had totally forgotten about B&B Inns – always in hotels…cold, businesslike, impersonal. Montford Inn is so different…it gives a totally new meaning to business travel.” A.D. – Houston

“First class all the way. Outstanding!” B.B. – Baltimore

“What a lovely way to travel! Such a sharp contrast to impersonal hotels, especially for a woman traveling alone.” G.C. – Jefferson City, Mo.

“Clean – Fresh – Refreshing. In other words – Home Away from Home. No more hotels when I travel.” E.K. – Dallas