Everything to Know About the Medieval Fair in Norman OK | Fun for All Your Senses + Visitor Tips

If you’re fascinated with the Middle Ages, the Norman Medieval Fair is an event you won’t want to miss. This free festival is a gateway to the past, offering an immersive experience of medieval times right in Oklahoma. Whether you’re a resident or just passing through, the Medieval Fair in Norman OK is a highlight for enthusiasts of the era.

We’ve crafted a comprehensive guide to ensure you make the most of your time at this captivating Norman Renaissance festival. Get ready to step back in history and enjoy the myriad of activities and attractions the Norman Medieval Fair has in store!

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Planning to attend the Medieval Fair in Norman OK? Here are a few things you'll want to know before you go...
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About the Medieval Fair in Norman OK

Initiated in 1977, the Norman Medieval Fair has become a cherished annual tradition, taking place over a weekend in April — coincidentally aligning with the month we celebrate Shakespeare’s birth. The festival’s origins are rooted in the University of Oklahoma’s English Department, reflecting its academic heritage.

Originally, Oklahoma’s inaugural Renaissance festival was a modest one-day affair situated on the south oval of the OU campus. The event quickly garnered a favorable reception and burgeoning public enthusiasm, encouraging its continued organization and growth over the years.

The Norman Medieval Fair Expands

The popularity of the Norman Medieval Fair quickly outpaced the space available at its original location, prompting a move to the spacious area adjacent to Duck Pond. It also led to an expanded, two-day schedule to better accommodate the growing number of attendees and participants.

The fair’s educational value didn’t go unnoticed by local schools, which led to an increased interest in field trips to the festival. Recognizing this, the fair was extended once more in 1993 — this time into a three-day event to provide an even more comprehensive educational experience of the Middle Ages.

With attendance numbers still on the rise, a decision was made by the City of Norman and the fair’s organizers to relocate the event to Reaves Park, one of the largest parks in the city, to ensure ample room for all activities and guests.

By 2020, the Medieval Fair had become not only the largest weekend event in Oklahoma but also the third-largest event in the state overall, drawing approximately 350,000 visitors annually. Its significance was further underscored when it was recognized as one of the top 100 events in the United States by Events Media Network.

Planning to attend the Medieval Fair in Norman OK? Here are a few things you'll want to know before you go...
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What to Expect at the Free Norman Renaissance Fair

At the Norman Medieval Fair, attendees can immerse themselves in a variety of educational exhibits and entertainment, savor a wide array of food, participate in games, and appreciate arts and crafts alongside live demonstrations.

The fair boasts several stages too, each hosting a continuous lineup of performances. Remarkably, it stands out as one of the few medieval festivals in the nation that offers free admission.

The fair’s continuation and success are made possible through the generous backing of donors, the provision of grants, and the support of sponsors. Contributions are welcome from all who wish to support this beloved event.

Planning to attend the Medieval Fair in Norman OK? Here are a few things you'll want to know before you go...
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The Norman Renaissance Fair’s Cast

Adorned in vibrant costumes and woven into an engaging narrative, the Norman Medieval Fair brings to life a royal court set in the time of King Edward III with the townsfolk of Avalon playing pivotal roles.

The cast is a regal assembly featuring the king, Queen Philippa, the Queen Mother, Isabella, seven royal children, and a host of dukes, duchesses, lords, and ladies. The ensemble is rounded out with colorful characters such as mistresses, heralds, jesters, and privateers.

The narrative backdrop of the fair is a celebratory one — King Edward III and Queen Philippa are gracing the town of Avalon with their presence to mark the opening of the first market fair of spring, following the harshness of winter.

The kingdom has endured the devastation of the black plague and two decades of conflict but has emerged with hope after signing the Treaty of Bretigny with France. The fair is a jubilant occasion, honoring both peace and triumph.

Planning to attend the Medieval Fair in Norman OK? Here are a few things you'll want to know before you go...
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Entertainment Galore at the Norman Medieval Fair

During the Medieval Fair, attendees can enjoy a diverse lineup of presentations and demonstrations that offer a glimpse into the past. Interactive activities, such as archery ranges and medieval craft workshops, invite visitors to engage hands-on with the pastimes and art forms of the Middle Ages.


Visitors can delve into interactive displays and informative talks delivered by historians and medieval enthusiasts. These sessions cover a wide range of topics — from the daily lives of medieval people to significant historical events of the era.


Craftsmanship demonstrations are a highlight, featuring blacksmithing, textile production, and cooking, showcasing the skills and trades from the period. Artisans work before your eyes, creating items using techniques passed down through the centuries.

Also, the fair thrills with live combat demonstrations, during which reenactors don period armor and reenact battles using traditional weaponry. Jousting, archery, and sword fighting displays provide an exciting look into the martial traditions of medieval times.


In addition to the informative demonstrations and presentations, a host of performers grace the Renaissance festival with their talents — often at discounted rates or voluntarily.

Music and dance performances further enrich the fair’s atmosphere with minstrels playing period instruments and dancers performing historical routines. These acts recreate the entertainment of the era, offering an authentic auditory and visual experience.

Games & Activities

This Renaissance fair even provides a variety of period games that promise fun for visitors of all ages. You can test your precision and strength with activities like ax and star-throwing, or try your hand at archery. For a more leisurely experience, you can enjoy riding a hand-cranked carousel, adding a touch of old-world charm to the fair’s amusements.

All of these aspects come together to provide a full roster of theatrical shows and historical reenactments, creating a rich tapestry of medieval entertainment. Visitors can witness or participate in human chess matches too, and those who love to dress up can join or observe costume contests.

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What to Eat at Norman’s Medieval Fair

The Renaissance festival is a feast for the senses, hosting over 40 vendors offering a wide range of food and drink options that could leave you overwhelmed with choices.

The culinary offerings range from hearty smoked turkey legs and savory meat pies to sweet treats like ice cream and funnel cakes. Describing the selection of medieval-inspired and contemporary foods as merely ‘varied’ hardly does justice to the extensive and mouthwatering spread available.

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Renaissance Festival Artisan Vendors

Leaving the Norman Medieval Fair empty-handed is a challenge, given the presence of over 200 artisan vendors showcasing their unique creations. The range of goods is extensive, including bespoke clothing, handcrafted jewelry, and accessories, as well as costumes, woodworking, leather goods, pottery, sculptures, paintings, and stained-glass items.

For those with a penchant for the martial aspects of the period, some vendors sell weapons and armor. You can not only purchase these items but also observe them being made. Additional offerings at the fair include body and face painting, caricature drawings, and for the mystically inclined, psychic and tarot card readings.

Other Things to Know About the Norman Renaissance Fair

In the heart of the park, a wooden booth serves as the fair’s central office where you can access lost-and-found services and security assistance. Close to this hub, an emergency medical team is on standby for any needs, and there are conveniently located ATMs for cash withdrawals.

Additional ATMs can be found adjacent to the northern food vendors and in the vicinity of the Souvenir Castle on the southwest side of the park.

The Souvenir Castle is a treasure trove of mementos, offering an assortment of items — poster books, coloring books, commemorative medallions, and t-shirts perfect for preserving the memories of your time at the Medieval Fair.

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Best place to stay near Norman Medieval Fair

Where to Stay While Exploring the Norman Medieval Fair

If you’re planning to visit the Medieval Fair in Norman OK, consider making Montford Inn your home away from home. Renowned for its warm hospitality and excellent service, Montford Inn strives to provide comfortable rooms and suites and convenient amenities in a homely atmosphere.

During your stay, take the opportunity to discover the array of Norman attractions and things to do. And with Oklahoma City just a short drive away — under 30 minutes north — you’ll have easy access to the myriad of exciting activities and sights in OKC as well.

When you’re ready to book a room for your Norman OK retreat, check our availability for your travel dates!

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