Ring in the New Year in Norman OK | New Years Eve Events & Things to Do

New Year’s Eve in Norman OK is a vibrant celebration that mirrors the unique charm for which the city is known. As the clock winds down on Dec. 31, the community spirit is palpable with events that cater to residents and visitors alike.

The city of Norman offers a diverse range of New Year’s Eve festivities. Whether it’s attending glitzy soirees, enjoying live music at local venues, or participating in public gatherings, there’s something for everyone to greet the new year with joy and anticipation.

At the center of all the festivities, Montford Inn offers a convenient but luxurious place to call home. Since we are nestled in downtown Norman OK, several of the New Year’s Eve activities and events are within walking distance!

Eating Grapes for Good Luck

The “Grapes for Good Luck” tradition is a unique and charming New Year’s custom observed in Norman. As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, participants partake in the ritual of eating twelve grapes, each symbolizing good luck for the twelve months of the coming year. As each grape is eaten, people often make a wish or set an intention for the month it represents.

Even though it didn’t originate here, the city’s observance of the custom is reflective of its embrace of cultural celebrations. The tradition actually has roots in Spanish culture, but the city’s incorporation of this practice reflects its inclusive and diverse cultural tapestry.

It’s a delightful way for the community to come together — embracing both local and international customs — and to start the new year on a note of joy and anticipation.

Waving in the New Year at The Chouse

The NMF New Wave NYE event, organized by the Norman Music Festival, is a vibrant New Year’s Eve party held at The Chouse (717 W Boyd) in Norman OK. It’s an 18+ event featuring entertainment from DJ Jon Mooneyham and live music by artists like The Shadowplayers, Chris McDaniel, and others. And, the party includes an open bar, local food, and good vibes.

NOTE: The ticket price for NMF New Wave NYE might seem steep, but it’s worth it because all the proceeds go toward keeping the annual Norman Music Festival free.

Jamming at The Deli

At The Deli, you get to experience a central hub in the city’s vibrant music scene, which is especially renowned for its live band performances. As a staple destination for music lovers, it distinguishes itself by featuring performances from local icons like Mike Hosty.

For New Year’s Eve, The Deli elevates its already lively atmosphere with an annual celebration, promising an unforgettable night for those eager to welcome the new year. Guests can expect a bustling scene filled with live music and dining while enjoying the festive energy.

Dancing at Mooney’s Pub & Grill

New Year’s Eve at Mooney’s Pub & Grill in Norman OK is celebrated as a lively and welcoming event, creating a festive and cozy atmosphere to ring in the new year. Known for its friendly ambiance, it provides a relaxed yet spirited New Year’s celebration.

The evening typically features a variety of activities and specials. Guests can expect to enjoy live music or a DJ, setting the tone with a mix of popular hits and classic tunes and encouraging both dancing and laid-back enjoyment. The pub’s setting is often decorated for the occasion with lights and streamers too.

One of the highlights at Mooney’s, though, is the food and drinks. The pub might offer special dishes for the holiday but always caters to a range of tastes and preferences. The drink selection is a focal point with cocktails, beers, and other beverages available.

Ringing in the New Year at Opolis

Another live music venue, Opolis provides a unique experience that combines entertainment with casual dining, hosting bands and serving pub fare to guests.

For New Year’s Eve, the restaurant and entertainment venue hosts various performers — such as The Wednesday Band, Olympus Mons, Cowboy Jr., Helen Kelter Skelter, and The Laters — offering a diverse range of genres.

Watching Theatrics at Sooner Theatre

Sooner Theatre offers a unique and engaging way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Known for its rich history and contributions to the arts, it transforms into a festive venue for the end-of-year celebration.

With vintage charm and modern facilities, the theatre provides an intimate and cozy atmosphere, making it an ideal place to spend a cultural evening. The interior decor adds to the celebratory ambiance.

On New Year’s Eve, Sooner Theatre typically showcases special performances. These can range from musical concerts by local and regional talent to theatrical productions — classic plays, contemporary pieces, or even festive-themed shows designed specifically for the New Year’s celebration.

Before the performances, guests might enjoy refreshments or a special New Year’s Eve dinner, either at the theatre or at nearby restaurants. As the evening progresses, the theatre becomes a hub of excitement with the anticipation of the New Year.

The climax of the evening is usually marked with a special segment or announcement to mark the transition into the New Year, allowing guests to celebrate together in a moment of shared joy. A champagne toast is even included.

Rolling Out at Sooner Bowling Center

The NYE Roll Out event at Sooner Bowling Center in Norman Oklahoma offers a fun and family-friendly way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. This event is centered around bowling, providing several hours of friendly competition.

The center might have themed decorations and upbeat music to pump up the energy. You could even partake in raffles and arcade games.

Celebrating Pop Culture at OKiCon

The annual OKiCon in Norman OK stands out as a unique and vibrant celebration of pop culture that encompasses anime, comics, gaming, and more. What makes it particularly special is its timing over the New Year’s period, adding an extra layer of excitement and festivity to the event.

During OKiCon, participants are treated to a variety of activities that span the range of pop culture interests — cosplay contests where attendees showcase their creativity, panel discussions on diverse topics, and an artist alley where talented creators display and sell their work.

Other vendor booths offer a wide range of related merchandise for fans to browse and purchase. Even special guests from the industry attend — voice actors, artists, and writers. Plus, workshops, gaming tournaments, and interactive sessions provide engaging experiences.

Best of all, the New Year’s timing of OKiCon allows for unique events. As midnight approaches on the eve of the new year, the convention atmosphere is charged with anticipation and excitement. Special countdown events, themed parties, and exclusive New Year’s Eve gatherings are often part of the itinerary.

Dining Out on New Year’s Eve in Norman OK

You can choose from an array of dining experiences in Norman OK to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The city makes sure that there’s something for everyone with a focus on good food, great company, and memorable end-of-year celebrations.

Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails

New Year’s Eve at Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails combines gourmet dining with a festive atmosphere. Known for its emphasis on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and inventive cocktails, the restaurant curates a special menu for New Year’s.

Scratch’s cocktail bar plays a significant role in the festivities, such as creating themed cocktails. Additionally, the ambiance is typically warm and inviting, with subtle decorations to reflect the New Year’s holiday.

As midnight nears, guests can expect a celebratory mood, perhaps with a countdown to the new year and a toast. Complimentary snacks and sweets are available too.

Saltgrass Steak House

For a traditional steakhouse experience, Saltgrass Steak House is known to offer special selections on New Year’s Eve. Of particular note are its Certified Angus Beef steaks, which are seasoned with an in-house spice and garlic butter.

The rest of the menu includes seafood and homemade dishes, as well as housemade refreshers and classic cocktails. And, diners can relish their fine meals in a comfortable setting.


As an American steakhouse, Charleston’s is another excellent option for a New Year’s Eve meal. It offers a range of steaks, as well as other American cuisine favorites. The restaurant takes pride in preparing its dishes from scratch daily using only fresh ingredients.

The restaurant is known for its welcoming atmosphere and quality food, making it a good choice for both family dinners and intimate celebrations​​.


For an exceptional dining experience, Benvenuti’s serves old-world Italian cuisine with a new world twist. Executive chef and partner Anthony Compagni has been cooking since the age of 15 and is known for tantalizing taste buds with his range of perfectly prepared traditional Italian dishes.

In addition, the restaurant is popular for its romantic ambiance and high-quality service, making it an ideal choice for special occasions — like New Year’s Eve — or a cozy date night.

Making Your Norman OK Getaway a Retreat After New Year’s

After the holidays, you may want some much-needed rest from all the excitement and hustling around. If you’re already staying at Montford Inn for New Year’s, consider extending your stay at our charming retreat.

Each of our rooms and cottages are uniquely decorated, surrounding you with stories and traditions that embody the spirit of Oklahoma. And, there’s no better way to relax after the holidays than to spend time in a whirlpool tub or next to a cozy fireplace — amenities that are available in select rooms and cottages, like the Willow Wood Cottage Suite.

Our other luxurious amenities enhance your stay even further — such as our gourmet breakfast and our afternoon cookies served alongside wine, lemonade, and soft drinks.

As you’re planning a getaway for New Year’s in Norman OK, look at our room and cottage availability and stay as long as you like!