7 Places You Have to See in the OKC Area

In Frontier Country, which falls at the crossroads of I-35, I-40, I-44 and historic Route 66 in beautiful Oklahoma, there are so many things to see, do, and explore. Sometimes though, there seems to be so many great things to experience that it’s hard to figure out where to start.

We want to help you with that. We thought it would be fun to encourage photos and/or selfies at some of the most photogenic places in the OKC and Norman areas. Then as you are out looking and taking pictures, you will discover other great places along the way.

Places You Have to See in OKC and Norman OK Area

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University of Oklahoma Stadium


The Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is truly a gem for the University of Oklahoma family. This facility, which now seats over 82,000, was originally opened with 16,000 permanent seats for the 1923 season. The stadium is a horse-shoe shape, with three sides enclosed (and more seating is currently being added to the open south side) and is the 15th largest college stadium in the United States and the second largest in the Big 12.

The Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is an icon not only among the Boomer Sooner nation but also a part of Oklahoma history. Of course, most people will tell you that the best time to get a picture here is on game day, so if you’re looking for tickets or other tips on getting in on the action, we recommend reading our post on 5 Things to Know About the Oklahoma Sooner Football Schedule.

So snap a photo from your seat of the game, the stadium, or the crowd. And don’t forget your selfie with your tickets, at the entrance, in your seat, or outside of the stadium!

Photo by Mark Burgess Photography.

Get our free ebook guide to the best things to do in Norman and OKC. The best activities, restaurants, museums, events, views, and much more! Click here to request the guide.


Lake Thunderbird

Lake Thunderbird

Lake Thunderbird State Park is a great way to spend an hour, an afternoon, or a whole weekend. The state park gives access to the Lake Thunderbird, an 1800+ acre lake, boasting two marinas, 9 boat ramps, and 2 swimming beaches. Restaurants are open seasonally.

Most would agree that while the water sports are fun, the views of sunrises and sunsets over the lake are what keep people at Lake Thunderbird from dawn til dusk.

So get a photo of the sunrise, the sunset, some of the wildlife, or the water sports. Just don’t drop your phone or camera in the water while you’re skiing and trying to take a picture at the same time. Someone on the boat will do it for you.

Photo by Mark Burgess Photography.


OKC Skyline

oklahoma city skyline

The OKC skyline has over 50 skyscrapers, mostly located in the business district. The Devon Tower is the tallest building in both Oklahoma and OKC and is 50 stories high.

Of course, as anyone will tell you of their favorite city, it’s not really the skyscrapers that make the skyline. It’s how the buildings meld together, give you a sense of familiarity, with even the things you can’t really see nestled in between the high rises. It’s home.

We recommend getting a picture on your way into the city or from the top of your favorite building. Selfies on the top of parking garages get part of skyline in the background. This is also a great opportunity to use some depth perception photos to make it look like you’re squishing a huge building between your fingers or holding one up.

Photo by riveraa8.



oklahoma city zoo elephants

The OKC Zoo is one of the best in the country with more than 1800 kinds of animals on over 100 acres. Some of the most popular animals are the elephants, especially since the arrival of baby Achara.

Whatever your favorite animal is, you’ll have plenty to experience at the zoo, from open to close if you want to spend the day there.

Pictures of animals are always fun. Selfies in front of exhibits get you and the animal together. And of course, the zoo has tons of great photos op spots along the routes.

Photo by Holly.


A Storm Rolling In 

Mark Burgess Photography

Oklahoma is a great place to storm watch or even storm chase and you can watch the storms roll in right across the big open sky.

Of course you’ll have to also watch the weather on your phone or TV to know when a storm worth watching is coming to town but any local can help you know what to look for and when it’s going to be the most beautiful.

Get some pictures of skies that are half clear and half storm, as the clouds move in. Stand under an overhang or porch to take great photos in the rain.

Photo by Mark Burgess Photography.


Statues on OU Campus


Getting back to campus, there are several amazing statues dotting the beautiful campus horizon.

While The Seed Sower is the most well-known statue and rallying symbol at the University of Oklahoma, there are other great statues to discover along the way. Be sure to check out the reclining boy and the ballerina statue.

Have some fun with the statues. Strike a pose like the ballerina. Sow some seeds like the sower. Take a nap with the reclining boy. And any other statue you find will also be a great place for a photo.

Photo by Majdan



Overholser Mansion


The Overholser Mansion is the first mansion built in OKC. It was constructed in 1903 by the Overholser family. In the 1970’s it was sold to the historical society in OKC for care taking and preservation.

This historic beauty has been a beacon of OKC history for over 100 years. Once a center for social affairs, it is now pristeenly maintained to give visitors a glimpse at real Oklahoman history.

Pictures can be taken throughout the rooms and displays. And of course, you could arrive in period dress and try to pretend to live there and take photos. Be sure to not take it too far by staying out of any restricted areas.

Photo by Mark Rutledge.

Your Favorite

No matter how many great and photogenic places there are in Norman and OKC, the best and most photogenic places are always YOUR favorites.

What are you favorite places to visit and take pictures in Norman and OKC? We’d love to hear about them on our Facebook page or Instagram.


And as you’re taking in the sights of Frontier Country, you’ll need a place to hang your hat, recharge your selfie stick, and get a great breakfast to fuel you for the day of exploring. We invite you to check out our Oklahoma Bed and Breakfast and make this an unforgettable trip!