8 Shops With the Best Cups of Coffee in Norman OK

Need an energy boost? Head to these coffee shops in Norman OK!

Whether it’s an essential morning boost, a comforting warm drink, or an occasional indulgence, coffee serves as a vital anchor. When traveling, it’s not just about finding a good cup of joe — It’s about savoring a brew that captures the essence of the locale.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy the finest coffee during your time in Norman OK. Whether you’re visiting for a University of Oklahoma game, exploring Oklahoma, or enjoying a romantic getaway, we strive to ensure that your coffee experience — along with your overall stay — is exceptional.

Explore this curated list of outstanding coffee spots in Norman OK to experience them firsthand!

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Great Places to Get Coffee in Norman

Gray Owl Coffee

In our opinion, Gray Owl Coffee serves the best cup of coffee. This airy, worker-owned, open-timbered shop is accented with bikes and art, creating a relaxing, hip vibe. The menu includes an array of specialty coffees, loose-leaf teas, and housemade baked goods.

“What a sweet little shop! It was homy and welcoming, the pour overs were delicious. The baristas were so friendly, personable and knowledgeable. I’m already planning my next trip back to Norman, which is a 5 hour drive, and this place is definitely on the itinerary! There’s an awesome bookshelf which our whole family was able to find something of interest on, including puzzles and card games to keep the kids entertained while my husband and I enjoyed a coffee together. A well needed moment to pause in a chaotic trip.”

RTArrow, Tripadvisor reviewer

Second Wind Coffeehouse

Completely run by student volunteers, Second Wind Coffeehouse in Campus Corner is a nonprofit shop founded by the First Presbyterian Church of Norman in 2008. Its menu features espresso drinks, specialty beverages, teas, and other drinks such as Topo Chico sodas, Italian soda, and hot chocolate.

Aside from the menu, Second Wind Coffeehouse supports the university and the greater Norman community by partnering with local organizations and student groups to offer concerts, lunches, open mic nights, and other programs. Plus, part of its monthly proceeds are donated to other organizations.

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Yellow Dog Coffee Company

With a mission to provide the finest, responsibly sourced coffee beans that are roasted locally with passion, Yellow Dog Coffee Company serves delicious brews in two Norman locations.

The Roastery on Porter Ave. serves a wide variety of coffee and espresso drinks, as well as tea and chai options alongside Italian soda. You can choose from nearly a dozen flavors and a few milk alternatives. And, you can order some locally made pastries, including scones from Sconed in Oklahoma City.

The Yellow Dog Drive-Thru on Alameda St. serves a handful of specialty favorites along with hot and iced coffee and tea beverages. This location has about a dozen flavor options and a couple of milk options, as well as some drinks for kids and kids at heart. Plus, it offers bagels, muffins, and scones from Sconed too.

Beanstalk Coffee & Sno

Located in the Shops at Cascade, Beanstalk Coffee & Sno is one of the most interesting coffee shops in Norman OK — It has a 16-foot beanstalk in the lobby.

The shop serves a range of hot and iced coffees and teas with various creamer and syrup flavor options. You can also order hot chocolate, mini donuts, and an assortment of treats — from cookies and muffins to cinnamon rolls and danishes.

If you want more than a treat to eat with your drink, you can order a breakfast burrito, hot oatmeal, or browned butter banana bread.

On top of that, Beanstalk serves sno cones with an unbelievable number of flavor options, including sugar-free flavors. Don’t be afraid to mix the flavors and add-ons for the ultimate sno cone experience — some favorite combinations are already on the menu.

Great Places to Get Coffee in Norman

Stella Nova

Serving craft, small-batch coffee, Stella Nova has an enchanting environment and friendly service. The menu includes classic coffee and espresso drinks, and whatever you choose will be made especially for you and according to your preferences.

Milk alternatives are available, as are sugary and sugar-free syrup flavor options. Frappes, lemonades, smoothies, and teas are on the menu too. And, you can get food items to eat with your beverage of choice — panini and sandwiches (including gluten-free options), oatmeal, parfaits, and pastries such as cinnamon rolls, cookies, and muffins.

Not Your Average Joe

Inspiring the community as a whole — including individuals with disabilities — Not Your Average Joe has brewed coffee, espresso, seasonal, and signature drinks. Also, you can order tea, chai, hot chocolate, smoothies, frozen lemonade, frappes, and refreshers.

If you want some food to go with your drink, breakfast and lunch items are available. The breakfast menu includes hand-crafted burritos, Scone City scones, quiche, and toast. The lunch menu includes sandwiches, salads, and snacks like its famous powerballs. Some dessert items are available as well.

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Haystack Coffee

Proud to serve KLLR Coffee from Oklahoma City, Haystack Coffee is located right on the OU campus, just south of the dorms.

The coffee house has been serving the community since 2019 and serves a variety of brewed coffee and espresso drinks with more than a dozen flavor options (including some sugar-free), sauces, and dairy and non-dairy creamer options.

Alongside delicious coffee, Haystack offers limeade, lemonade, smoothies, frozen drinks, hot chocolate, and teas.

Press & Plow

Since 2018, Press & Plow has been on a mission to provide the community with quality coffee and baked goods. The menu features a long list of coffee and specialty coffee drinks — from affogato and mocha to butterscotch brule espresso latte and tiramisu.

In addition to an assortment of teas, the shop has many other drink options, including apple cider, hot chocolate, cream and strawberry Italian soda, and bottled drinks. You can order brunch food, breakfast tacos, croissants, gluten-free muffins, and other snacks too.

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Best Place to Stay Near Coffee Shops in Norman OK

Each of these exceptional coffeehouses provides a unique experience for its patrons. Consider planning a couple of days in Norman to immerse yourself and savor the distinct offerings of each establishment. You may attempt to pick a favorite, but with all the subtle nuances, it could prove to be quite challenging!

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As you plan your Norman getaway, check our availability for your travel dates. We look forward to welcoming you to our inn!

Get our free ebook guide to the best things to do in Norman and OKC. The best activities, restaurants, museums, events, views, and much more! Click here to request the guide.