Go Back in Time with the Sam Noble Museum

Sam Noble Museum of Natural History is one of our favorite places to visit in Norman Oklahoma. It is one of the finest university-based museums in the nation. You’ll see dinosaurs, dioramas showcasing Oklahoma’s biodiversity, and a history of humans in the Sooner state. Be sure to check out the “dinovators” – glass elevators that take you up 26 feet to see the 95 foot-long Apatosaurus eye-to-eye! The richness of history and beauty is a must-see on any trip to the Montford Inn and during your time in Norman.

The Hall of Ancient Life highlights the life of what is now Oklahoma from the formation of the planet up through the last Ice Age. This hall features an amazing walk-through swamp forest showing different plants and animals – dragonflies with 2′ wingspans and a 6′ long ancestor of the millipede.

Sam Noble Museum visitors stay at Montford Inn Norman OkThe Hall of Natural Wonders houses the amazing and very life-like dioramas where your senses will get a treat as you experience the exhibit through sounds, sites, and surroundings. You’ll feel like you’re really in the Ozark highlands or a limestone cave.

The Hall of the People of Oklahoma includes information on the people who have lived in Oklahoma since pre-history and teaches its guests about where they lived, what they ate, and how they survived. It is also the home of the Cooper Skull, the oldest painted artifact in North America.

The Gallery of World Cultures showcases civilizations from all over the world – ancient Greece and China, the Mayans and Japanese samurai.

And that’s not all. The Sam Noble Museum is also home to the Discovery Room and has collections and research on the subjects of archaeology, ethology, mammalogy, and Native American languages.

Sam Noble Museum visitors stay at Montford Inn Norman OkThe is so much to explore at the Sam Noble Museum. Be sure to tell them their friends at the Montford Inn sent you.

And whether you are an Oklahoma history buff or just looking for a unique venue to host your event or wedding, the Sam Noble Museum is just the place.

Your event can literally become a part of history as you use the museum and the museum grounds to create a lasting and incredible memory for yourself and for your guests for years to come.

Incredible sites, natural sounds, and a great list of approved vendors will create an unforgettable event for your corporate function, wedding, or party. How many people get to have memories that include life-size elephant statues, or entrances down grand staircases to all of their waiting guests?

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Bridal parties will have plenty of space to not only prep and stay comfortably, but with the private cottages at your disposal, you will have quiet serenity and coziness to send you into the wedding weekend stress-free.

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